Dentist-Approved Holiday Recipes

HOLIDAY LUNCHES AND dinners play a major part in the festivities this season. Sadly, many holiday recipes aren’t great for your pearly whites! But don’t be too disappointed… There are some foods that can be both tasty AND beneficial.
We’ve compiled a list of dentist-approved ingredients that you and your family can enjoy. Click on their links to check out the complete recipes!



Eating apples (with the skin) can provide teeth with a natural scrub! Apples also help strengthen gums, increase the production of saliva and remove stains and bad breath.

Incorporate apples into your list of winter recipes by checking out this gluten-free recipe from HealthiNation to create your own raw pear apple tart.



Carrots aren’t just good for your eyes, they’re tooth-friendly too! Vitamin A, found in carrots, helps build healthy tooth enamel. The keratin found in this vegetable increases saliva production, preventing tooth decay.  Include slices of raw carrots in your veggie platters to reap the benefits.

You can also try this recipe from Jamie Oliver to master “the ultimate carrots”.



Cheese contains a high amount of calcium and protein, which strengthens tooth enamel. Chewing on cheese increases the production of saliva as well, and can also increase the pH in the mouth, preventing tooth decay.

Check out this fattoush salad by bon appétit.



Strawberries aren’t just for summer salads! Adding strawberries to your winter menu can naturally whiten and remove surface stains from your teeth. Malic acid, which serves as a stain remover, can also be found in watermelons, apples and bananas.

Don’t forget to try this kid-friendly recipe from All Recipes Canada to create your own strawberry Santas!



Let us know how these recipes turn out for you!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season 🎄

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